Answers Quiz 1

  1. Micheal X won the New York mayor election for the third time in a row recently. He has a world famous company X(his last name and the company name are the same) This rich businessman who is the eighth richest man in the US spent 90 million $ from his pockets to win the election. Michael is the founder and 88% owner of the famous company X. What company is it? — Bloomberg
  2. Name the famous travel and hospitality chain which is going to issue its IPO on November 18 2009. This company has presence in India since 1758 when they acted as agents for British soldiers. — Cox and Kings
  3. Name the famous celebrity who released his autobiography “OPEN” on November 9th 2009 which has controversial topics in it. The book is believed to become a best seller by many book lovers. He calls himself the “Last of the 1980 Mohicans” in this book.- Andre agassi
  4. On 13th November 2009 Company X, makers of personal care products  has obtained a stay from the Kolkata court over the new ad campaign of HUL’s Vaseline which says “No Ordinary Boro”  as X found that their product was being targeted. Name X– EMami is the company and the product is Boroplus
  5. PVR cinemas MD Mr. Ajai Bijli on Nov 14 confirmed that they are gonna buy DT Cinemas business of the X group. Name X which is a famous group- DLF
  6. Name the famous Indian Infrastructure company which won a 790 cr deal in a road building contract – Pune to Sholapur NH. This is the single largest order for this company this year.– Maytas Infra / The governing IL & FS got this 1st order for Maytas.
  7. Name the famous MNC headed by Mark Hurd which is planning to acquire 3COM a networking gear makers, in order to compete with CISCO in the Networking gear market…. HP
  8. The govt is planning to award a few PSU’s Maharatna status in a few months time. Our govt has this policy of giving Navaratna status to 18 companies and Miniratna status to 50 odd companies. Maharatna is considered a higher privilege. By providing such status what will the PSU’s get- I mean wat privilege?? Higher autonomy in taking investment decision. A co with Navratna status can take investment decisions upto 1000 crs without govt approval. Its higher for Maharatna status(i don know how much)
  9. Name the famous Indian company which recently acquired some of Yardley’s Business Brands (Yardley is a premium personal care brand of the UK based Lournamead Group). This company in the past has aquired specific personal care brands from Hindustan Unilever, Unza Holdings Pvt LTD etc. Wipro
  10. Name the famous PE firm headed by Raja Kumar which has started a separate investment entity named Ascent Capital Advisors. Many see this move as a prescursor of Raja’s present company to exit from the PE industry. UTI Investments
  11. Who is the 19 year old American Crooner who made the Billboard record for the LONGEST CHARTING ALBUM of the century this week. Her new album remained No1 for the 157thweek on the Bill board top 200 charts list and has beat the Canadian Rock band Nickleback. Name the youngster who many believe is the next big brand in the entertainment industry. Taylor Swift
  12. Grupo Mexico gained control over Asarco an ailing US company after a Texas court order. Name the famous Indian company which was trying hard to gain control over Asarco. Sterlite Industries of Vedanta
  13. AdverGames are a popular way of engaging customers nowadays. Cadbury India’s Perk has developed an advergame called “Perk Poppers” which has been already played by 1.3 million people. Name the company which created this advergame for Cadbury. {FYI- the other famous advergames are Chintamani game of ICICI prudential LIFE insurance, Web Charades game of Logitech etc are famous}–
  14. Name the company that Ultratech Cement is merging with to create the 10th largest Cement firm in the world. Samrudhi Cements
  15. German bank – West LB will be selling 85$billion in assets from the balance sheet in a move that effectively creates Germany’s first “bad bank.” What is a bad bank? What happens when a govt identifies a bad bank?{ Many countries in Europe like ireland Germany have the BAD BANK ACT)—- If u announce yurself as a bad bank it is accepting the fact yu have a lot of toxic assets, the govt will providing investments by buying yur toxic assets. Read more on the net 🙂
  16. Matthew Tannin and Ralph R. Cioffi, both former managers of hedge funds at Bear Stearns Company, who were arrested June 19, 2008 were aquitted this week due to lack of evidence (This was deemed as the First Trial due to the Financial Crisis and has gained massive media attention in US). They were facing criminal charges and were suspected of misleading investors about the risks involved in the subprime market. In order to save Bear Stearns from bankruptcy after this trial a rescue buy out was carried out by a famous company. Name it! JP Morgan Chase

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