Answers – Business Quiz 2

  1. South Asia’s largest ever IPO for about 8.4 billion dollars will be issued tomoro by a Malaysian Mobile phone operator X in order to raise money to increase the presence of its product in India from the existing 18 circles to 23 circles (total number of circles/ areas in India are 23) Name X—- MAXIS COMMUNICATIONS(Aircel)
  2. Standard and Poor’s Chief Economist for the Asia Pacific region Mr X has been appointed as the RBI’s deputy governor recently. This is the 1st time RBI has picked a guy from the industry outside the bureaucratic circles and government economists Name X ( may be one of u can become RBI governor despite being in the industry:) – Subir Gokarna
  3. Galleon group LLC founded by Raja Rajarathinam recently charged for insider trading, has sold its stake of 527 million shares at Rs 485 each in which company? – Edelweiss Capital
  4. Name the famous production company owned by a well known actor which has tied up with Anil Ambani’s Reliance BIG entertainment to produce the Hollywood Sci-Fi movie – Dark Void.  Plan B Entertainment of Brad Pitt
  5. Name the company which displayed its superluxury sedan “Ghost”in New Delhi  which is priced at 2.5 crores and will hit the Indian market shortly. They are planning to sell 60-75 units in 2010— Rolls Royce who else
  6. Name the Indian company which recently bought over the Spain based Hispano Carrocerra, a bus and coach manufacturing company. Tata Motors
  7. Goldman Sachs is launching a 500 million $ fund for small business assistance program that includes an advisory panel comprising of one of the richest men on earth.Who is this famous guy on their panel. Warren Buffet
  8. European Union Leaders have picked Belgian Prime Minister Herman Von Rompuy as the EU’s first president recently in their attempt to give their one nation appeal to the European Union. Name the famous Brit who initially campaigned for this post but later stopped as they wanted a unanimous decision.Tony Blair
  9. Nissan has announced its partnership with 3 Indian auto makers. The first two are Mahindra and Mahindra and Bajaj auto wat is the third company. Ashok Leyland
  10. CEO John Fredrick of a Norwegian company has announced that this Christmas his company will launch its service in India. The company is the largest Nordic Phone company – name it — Telenor Indian name is Uninor
  11. On 10th November X a game was released, on the first day of its launch 4.7 million units were sold creating history for the first day game sales beating GTA IV record sales of 3.7 million units last year on its first day. This game has raked 550$million in sales till the 22nd the game also is an controversy as an episode includes the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack  kind of episode. Name the game Call of Duty Modern warfare 2
  12. Homex India a Indore based Phenyl cleaner manufacturer tied up X retail chain in 2008 this has helped the company increase its sale by 50% in 2009. Name the retail chain with app 175 stores across the nation that they have partnered with? Vishal Retail
  13. Nissan is planning to increase its attention on electric cars. Name the electric car model that they are launching for which two days back CEO Carlos Ghosn was giving a briefing at a show. One variant is planned to use as a light commercial vehicle designed especially for companies like Fed Ex– Leaf
  14. Name the company which is planning to buy Revolution Money(its like paypal) in order to compete with paypal in the online payment Industry American Express
  15. A famous retailer launched “Project Impact” last year where it vowed that the company will try to bring down the number of SKU’s and redesign the overly cluttered stores. The company has come down in revenues this year and experts say that Project Impact is one of the reason behind this fall. Name the retailer. Many say that this project good for the company in future– WalMart
  16. Company X headed by Ursula Burns, who is one of the most powerful women in the world according to Forbes is bought ACS the worlds largest diversified BPO shortly. Company X’s market capitalisation was at 7.8 Billion dollars but this acquisition will make it a company with 22 billion market cap, creating 17 billion dollars recurring revenue. Name X– Xerox

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