Business Quiz – Week 3

  1. Name the cookie brand that General Mills pulled out of the market as of this Monday in order to continue focus on Pillsbury and nature Valley. The cookies were famous for its Birthday in a Box Concept.
  2. Peugeot- Citroen is planning to re enter into India by tieing up with Caparo India and launch its series of cars. It has been 11 years since the company left India. Last time they made a JV with X a automaker in India. Name the company with whom Peugeot had a JV and launched the 309 series in India and failed to sell upto expectations
  3. Nook an E book reader which was launched recently is already sold out of stocks due to excessive demand. Name the famous company which owns Nook which was launched to compete with Kindle.
  4. Famous Industrialist BK Modi led mobile handset retail chain X will be soon up for sale. It was started 4 years ago with an investment of 200 crores and now its making app 1.5  crore loss every month. Name the famous retail chain which has presence across India
  5. A famous magazine in US headed by Scott Flanders has outsourced operations(except editorials) of its magazine to American Media INC which publishes STAR and MENS HEALTH as the company’s revenue has reduced considerably this year. Industry experts say that the 5 year deal will help revive its legacy and revenues. NAme the famous magazine
  6. President Mohd. Nasheed and his cabinet ministers of Maldives on October 17 did a unique thing in order to make the world notice the plight of their country which will submerge in water due to greenhouse emissions by 2100. They thrusted the fact that during the Copenhagen summit world leaders must vow to reduce emissions. What did they do?
  7. What is the American equivalent to France’s Viadeo, Germany’s Xing, China’s Tiang. Bill Gates also has an account in the American equivalent. What is it?
  8. Mr Lachlan M sold his stake in his fathers company for 27.6 million dollars. His private investment company Ilyria bought 50%stake Daily Mail & General Trust radio operations in Australia. Name the famous company his dad owns(Dad’s name also)
  9. Name the famous Hyderabad based Pharma company chaired by Mr Ramprasad which has an alliance with Pfizer .This alliance plans to boost the sales of prescription drugs of Pfizer which are losing now to Generic Drugs.
  10. Mcleod Russell India Ltd a tea producer acquired 75% stake in Olyane Holdings LLC a US firm which has 60 stake in many Rwandan tea estates. Mcleod wants to produce tea from Africa to reduce costs. Other tea producers like BK Birlas Jai Shree Tea and Industries Ltd and Kannan Devan Tea also are planning to go to Africa to cut costs. Name the famous Indian family which owns Mcleod Russell.
  11. Angela Ahrendtis is the CEO of a British brand which recently launched a social networking site called in order to capture the young customers and revive the tradition of its brand. Name the british company which was founded in the year 1856 which she heads.
  12. Name the famous automobile giant which planned to sell its Swedish brand SAAB automobiles to Koenigsegg Group but later the deal got cancelled as the people from Koenigsegg thought it was a risky investment
  13. Recently X sold shares in Infosys worth Rs 430 crores or 92$million to raise a venture capital fund(named Catamaran) in order to help young and deserving entrepreneurs. Name this famous person.
  14. Wockhardt Ltd recently made a out of court settlement with its Singapore based lender X bank ending their fight over repayment of 44 crore working capital loan taken in 2007 from X. Name X.
  15. Jubilant Foodworks has the sole franchisee right of which fast food outlet in India. It was previously called with the name of its franchisee. (Jubilant now is planning to bring various international food brands to India)
  16. Microsoft recently launched a project called Codeplex. This has been launched in order to reduce the criticism that Microsoft has been facing since the days of Netscape. What is this newsmaking project about?

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