Business Quiz 4 Answers

  1. The International Olympic Committee  announced that X a sport will be made an Olympic medal sport in the year 2016. Immediately China’s Olympic committee has announced that it will strive to create 20 million recreation sportsmen of this sport by the end of 2020. US has 26 million sportsmen of this sport. What sport is it? GOLF
  2. Comcast has struck a deal to buy a large stake in NBC Universal which is considered as one of the biggest media deal. Jeff Zucker CEO of NBC will head the new JV. Name the famous group from which Comcast bought the stake of NBC.. GE
  3. China’s SAIC Motor Corp will be entering India partnering with which famous automaker? This will be the 1st foreign JV by a Chinese company in India.  ANSWER : General Motors
  4. Recently X’s shares grew up by 16% in a day as X which is the second largest private yard in the country bid for the country’s largest offshore oilservices company – Great Offshore LTD. Name X Bharati Shipyard LTD
  5. Prozone Liberty International is a real estate developer of shopping malls and retail outlets. Prozone is a JV between London based Liberty International Plc and X. X is a retailer turned developer who has its own merchandise. Name X. They are coming back into active business this 2010. pROVOGUE
  6. Name the famous company X that acquired LALA MEDIA INC recently.  X’s online music store was facing stiff competition from LALA, PANDORA and SPOTIFY. Hence in order to face comp the company X bought LALA. APPLE
  7. A famous initiative called RASOI GHAR was launched by a company with the assistance of the Govt. Rasoi Ghars are community kitchens where the rural masses are allowed to cook on gas stoves for a charge of Rs. 3 for every half an hour(cuz having yur own gas is a costly proposition). Name the company which launched this very famous and successful rural initiative. HPCL
  8. Name the seven seater minivan which is gonna be launched by Maruti, it will be priced at 6-7 lakhs and will replace the model Versa which failed to create any mkt despite roping in the Bachans. It will be competing with Xylo and Innova. Name the model Eco
  9. Name the famous Indian group which entered a JV with Boston Based Coffee Chain Au Bon Pain (80:20 stake for the group) with a view to start stand alone coffee outlets. It plans to start with 6 outlets in Bangalore. Name the group RPG
  10. News Corp recently announced that it will partner Microsoft in order to end the dominance of which company in Online news. As a part of the plan news feed will be provided thro the search engine BING or Microsoft. Google News
  11. Last Month a company partnered with facebook in order to create an application called Brandlift which will help the companies measure the effectiveness of Facebook advertising. Name the company Nielson
  12. Deepakh Parekh was the head of India’s largest mortgage lender – HDFC for 31 years. On Jan 1st 2010 he will step down. Name the person who will be replacing him. He is currently the Vice Chairman of HDFC Keki Mistry
  13. IDEA cellular in Oct picked a sponsorship deal with Delhi Daredevils for the IPL season 3. They mite end the contract they had with another IPL team which they got for 2 $ million – 3$ million a year. Which was the IPL team they 1st sponsored?Mumbai Indians(i know that was easy :P)
  14. Chicago based company Turtle Wax entered India last month. What do these guys sell? It seems their product thrives in countries where the auto industry is flourishing!!!Car care Products, wax policy
  15. Name the company which recemtly announced that it is paying back $45 billion dollars to the US govt. The money was received as a federal bailout fund for the company as a part of the TARP( Trouble Asset Relief Program) initiative of the US govt. Bank Of America
  16. CSIR – Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has partnerd with a famous IT giant in making a gene map for Mycobacterium Tuberclosis the one which causes TB. This is a Open source drug Discovery project. Name the company which partnered with CSIR. Infosys

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