Business Quiz 5 Answers

  1. An agency called UIADI will be completing its high profile project which gained massive media attention on Feb 2011. What is this famous project? The Unique ID project chaired by Nandan Nilekani
  2. Which famous company acquired NDTV imagine recently from NDTV networks PLC. It was a 126.5 million dollar deal with 92% stake for the acquirer. Time Warner
  3. Air India is run by a state owned body which was widely in the news when CIAL – Cochin Intl Airport LTD regarding the money that they were overdue. NACIL
  4. Dogfooding is a common practice in companies like Google. They used it extensively when they launched Android. What is this common practice of Dogfooding? The employees first trying out the product
  5. Few Retailers are known as B2L retailers! What is B2L Business to Luxury
  6. Mumbai based Loop Telecom was formerly called X. During the 90’s this was one of the telecom names which was in business.. name X BPL Mobile
  7. Name the CHENNAI based pharma company which recently sold its injectible pharma business to US based drug maker Hespna for 400 milliom. The share prices of this pharma company came down by 10 % on the date of the sale name the company? Orchid Pharma
  8. Name the famous Australian based guide book that BBC Worldwide and BBC magazine are gonna launch in India in 2010. BBC at present controls 75% stake in the business. Lonely Planet
  9. Name the Bangalore based electric scooter manufacturing company who is planning to export app 8000-10000 units to US and other European countries in 2010. EKO
  10. European Union has formally ended the ANTI TRUST case on Microsoft. What was the famous verdict of the case? Microsoft has to offer a bundle of other browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome when they are selling the OS alongside IE the buyer has the right to choose
  11. Which famous Indian group became the first Indian Conglomerate ever to be able to build aircraft. They alongside with Kotak P/E have bought 75 % stake in Gippsland Aeronautics Pty LTD and hs obtained the ability to build aircrafts. Name the group? Mahidra and Mahindra
  12. Name the famous person who was voted as the Indias largest news maker for the seventh month in a row with approximately 800 apperances in press articles this month? Pranab Mukherjeee
  13. Which famous foreign bank for the 3rd year in a row has been the top holder of Indian stocks or in short the highest FII investor. HSBC came second following this bank. Name the famous bank? Deutsche Bank
  14. Vitingo is a micro Nutrient deink which is available in India – 10 gms at 2.50 Rs Name the famous company which launched Vitingo with a campaign called Jalsa- Coca Cola
  15. Micheal Schumaker the 40 year old champ is coming back to F1 racing next year. Mame the team he is gonna race for – It was 46 cr deal. Mercedes he will be part of their F1 team ( it’s a 3 year deal )

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